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10 Must Read Nepali Books of the Decade

Nepali literature has made its own journey throughout time.  The contemporary writers of today have earned recognition from their recommendable work inside and out of Nepal. The following nine books are the top selling books in the Nepali market currently, written by Nepali authors
1.    Phool ko aankha ma:  Ani Choying Drolma.

The book had been a subject of much talk even before it made its appearance in the Nepali literary market because of the famous Buddhist nun and world acclaimed singer. The soulful singer Ani Choying Drolma has made a remarkable debut as an author and the book has become very successful. Released in the early months of 2011, the book caused quite a stir. The easy to read nature of the book and the author herself has induced readers to read the book. Known
for her singing and her struggles a young girl, Ani’s book is about her life before and after her success. The biography has spellbound many readers and it has compiled many positive reviews and comments from critics and booklovers. The book talks about her childhood abuse from her father, how she learnt forgiveness from her guru (teacher), her later life as Buddhist nun and how she faced the ups and downs of life. The only thing that can be said is that as extraordinary the singer and her song, the author and her book are equally noteworthy. Phool ko aankha ma is a refreshing and must read book for all and you definitely won’t be disappointed after reading it.

2.    Palpasa Café: Narayan Wagle.

Narayan Wagle, a celebrated Nepali journalist has also made a mark in literature through his Madan Puraskar winning book Palpasa Café. Released in 2005, the Nepali version of the book alone had sold 16000 copies right after its release. The English edition of the book consequently sold more copies in 2008. It became the talk of the people and the book became one of the most distinguished books of its time. The book shows an artist, Drishya and his romantic interest in an American returned Nepali Palpasa but it largely showcases the truth of the Nepali Civil War. As a writer Narayan Wagle has shown realities beyond what a journalist has. Wagle’s work earned him positive criticisms and made his book a bestseller.

3.    Karnali Blues: Buddhisagar Chapain.
Karnali Blues is the debut novel of the fairly young writer Buddhisagar Chapain. The book made its first appearance in 2010 and still is much in popularity. The writer has a bit of roughness in his dialogues which perfectly suits his characters. Although some have complained about the book being too lengthy, many say that at the end of the book you always find the experience worth it. It has gained wide popularity amongst the young literary readers as well and has received a great deal of amazing reviews. The book still continues to enthrall many and it is a highly recommended book for many Nepali literature students

4.    Jeevan Kanda ki Phool: Jhamak Kumari Ghimire.
Jhamak Kumari Ghimire, an awe inspiring writer conveys an important message about being a differently able person in her 2011 book Jeevan Kanda ki Phool. Having been born with cerebral palsy, which affected her nervous system and the functioning of her brain, she writes with the help of her toes. Her book is an impressive insight to the readers where she gives a picture of what she faced in her thirty years of life and literally shows that the willpower to learn is greater than any physical barriers that nature or anyone else forces on you. Her autobiography is inspirational for all her readers and motivates all of us to never back down from difficulties, rather face them head on.

5.    Urgen ko Ghoda: Yug Pathak.
Yug Pathak is a journalist as well as a writer. His first book that made him known in the literary world is “Urgen ko Ghoda.” It centers around one of the less privileged communities in Nepal, the Tamang community. The novel is a very well written work of fiction about the civil war in Nepal. The book main protagonist is the legendary Tamang brave man Urgen and his horse as very carefully pointed out by the title. The book has become a favorite and launched itself to become a bestseller.

6.  Chhapamar Yuwati ko Diary: Tara Rai.
Chhapamar Yuwati ko Diary, in English The Diary of a Woman Guerilla is just what the title tells us. It is a story of one of the bravest women, Tara Rai. It is the factual story of Tara Rai as a young soldier, a child in the Maoist army. It then goes on to tell us about her imprisonment by the Nepal Army to the year in 2007, when she was finally released, which was a year after the Maoist signed the peace treaty. Only educated till the sixth grade, her writing gets through to the readers and has a unique quality to it. Her courageous writing has made the readers fascinated with her and her story.

7.    Mayur Times: Narayan Wagle.
The writer who held everyone’s attention with his book Palpasa Café has again succeeded in writing a book that had readers awestruck. Mayur Times, which was unveiled on 2010, had 10,000 copies easily sold within two weeks of the day of its availability in the Nepali market. The book explains the hardship of being a journalist in the long period of the Nepal Civil war. The book has also turned out to be a bestseller as its Wagle’s previous book but it has received mixed reviews amongst the readers. Nevertheless, the book has made its way to the top as the people still rush to find a copy of the book anywhere they can find it.

8.    Seasons of Flight: Manjushree Thapa.
Seasons of Flight is a very well received book written by the author Manjushree Thapa. According to many of her followers, readers and critics Season of Flight is by far her best work of fiction. It centers on the life of a young Nepali woman Prema from when she escapes from her village in Nepal to Los Angeles, America. The book targets those Nepalese who plan to search for fortune away from Nepal through the life of her central character. The author of Tutor of History and Tilled Earth has not failed her readers with this spectacular book.

9.    Registan Diary: Devendra Bhattarai
Registan Diary, a bestseller is a critically acclaimed book written by Devendra Bhattarai who spent a year in Qatar. His book is a compilation of fifty real life stories based on the Nepalese who migrate to other countries to work and live. Most of the stories depict the sorrowful life of the Nepali migrants and the hardship they have to face in a land which is not their own. It shows how Nepalese women are sexually assaulted by their “masters” and the men who are working in filthy and unsafe working conditions. The pitiful state of the Nepalese who search for better working conditions but end up finding themselves in a worse than before situation. 

10.    Tyo Nepal: Dadi Sapkota.
The book by Dadi Sapkota is fairly good taking into consideration that the subject has never actually been explored by any Nepali authors. The book fills us in on the interviews of 29 French nationals who come to Nepal for personal as well as private reasons. It shows the history of the France- Nepal relationship and what the French thought about our country. The book gives you an idea about how French would describe Nepal. The unclear historical involvement of France in Nepal becomes a point in the book where it aims to clarify it.

By: Snigdha Baral 
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  1. New book Saya which was release about 1 months before( ) is also a good book! It deserves to be in Top 10.
    Never the less, thanks for sharing this article, I've read 7 out of 10. :)

    1. Have You Read ? -


  3. can you please tell me url for saaya audio version

  4. Bidhan Shrestha is also superb...a romantic love story with fresh style of writing


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